Search lncExplore database

"Search" module provide lncRNAs hunter platform to simplify the complex query process and to help user more easily finding the interested lncRNAs. Users could get the basic information for lncRNAs such as sequence, coding potential, Gene Ontology, and potential cis regulatory target gene.

You can search lncRNAs through the following methods.

Search Basic Information Using Identifier

Enter ENSEMBL accession (ENSEMBL ID), Gene Symbol or lncExplore database identifier (ncT ID).


Search lncRNAs Using Genomic Coordinate

Search the specific lncRNAs which are within your interested regions by entering chromosome name and start and end positions.

hg19 hg38

chr  : start  - end 

Search lncRNAs by Adjacent Known Transcripts

Based on the characteristics of the lncRNA regulatory mechanism, you could utilize adjacent information of known individual gene (i.e. the corresponding chromosome region) to browse neighboring lncRNAs.